Crazy prices in Brazilian coffee – Why? Well, it is one hit after another!

Always when we go through any professional, financial, emotional, or family problems it ends up affecting our performance. It is natural.

But when you go through several different problems for a long time your health and productivity will be greatly affected.

And now talking about coffee trees in Brazil, this is what we can see, crops have been facing a sequence of adverse situations, droughts, high temperatures, too low temperatures with frost, and now in this year beginning is raining too much, and this rain came at a late time. And we cannot forget pests and diseases that normally affect the coffee tree. It’s a lot of stress. And as it happens to us, the productivity of the plant goes down as well.

If in 2014/2015 Brazil had a loss close to 30% due to climate issues, this time due to the great stress we could consider a loss close to 40%. And this is one of the things that are causing prices to go high, not counting logistics costs that increased almost 50%.

If plants are having good nutrition, without diseases and pests, the climate is mild and humid enough and there is a good light condition, they accumulate energy reserves inside them, which one day will serve to fill its fruits and thus have great productivity on crops. Which is not the scenario nowadays. So when prices will go back to normal? Only nature can tell…