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IPA Guariroba

420,00  without VAT

Complex, sweet, and floral, notes of Sicilian lemon, lemongrass, full body.

Castanha do Cerrado

180,00  without VAT

Gentle with highlighted sweetness, medium body, and medium acidity, with notes of brown sugar, peanuts, molasses, and a little fruity.

Doce Citrus

189,00  without VAT

Fruity, velvet body, citric acidity, with notes of fresh fruits, honey, lemon, and orange.

Fruta Doce

201,00  without VAT

Dark chocolate, velvety body, bright acidity, yellow fruits (pineapple, peach, orange), caramel, with intense sweetness of the bourbon variety.

Lobo Guara

450,00  without VAT

Full body, sweet, caramel, chocolate, bright acidity, light fermentation.

Rosa Licor

189,00  without VAT

Floral and fresh coffee, velvety body, citric acidity, with notes of rose tea, flowers, lemon, slightly fermented.


189,00  without VAT

Gentle and intense coffee, medium body, citric acidity, notes of orange, brown sugar, and honey.

L64 Fermented

225,00  without VAT

Fruity, with notes of green grapes, green apple, sweet, very nice aroma.