Sítio Terra Branca & Terra Preta

Geovane Matos and Viviane

Alto Jequitiba – Caparao, Minas Gerais

1 100 meters

Pulped Natural / Natural / Honey / Fermented

Mascavo / Chocolate do Brasil / Papaya 90

Sítio Terra Branca & Terra Preta
Sítio Terra Branca & Terra Preta

Farm story:

The story of these farms began in 1820, with Grandmother Mrs. Maria, when she arrived at Caparao land, the land is located at the border between Espírito Santo Brazilian state and Minas Gerais. Maria was a widow with 12 children. On that occasion, everything in the close forest started being cleaned manually with an ax and sickle to prepare its plantations.

For a long time, she had grown some animals like pigs and chickens, and vegetables in the new land, which was a trend at that time, and after that, she started planting coffee seeds directly on the soil, as at that time there was no nursery available.

The property was passed on from generation to generation until it reached Mr. Geovane and Viviane’s hands. They replaced old plantations with new trees and in 2018, they started working on specialty coffees, improved post-harvest processes, began doing the selective harvest, and invested in processes like honey, black honey, fermentation, and pulped natural.

They cultivate varieties like Red Catuai, 2SN Yellow, Caturra, Arara, Cova 15 Yellow, and 785 Yellow. Nowadays they are proud to show all the awards they achieved on the results of experiments on micro-lots which were sent to several contests and competitions.

Caparao region:

The region is compounded of 10 municipalities in the State of Espirito Santo and six in the State of Minas Gerais.

There are plenty of small producers in this region with a passion for new experiments on different types of processing coffees, who often win prizes at contests and competitions of specialty coffees.