Fazenda Chapadão

Ciro Sousa Alvarenga

Cerrado Mineiro

1 200 meters


Ipê do Cerrado and Menta Fresca


Farm story:

Rodrigo, a young guy along with his father Mr. Ciro, and his brother takes care of their planting by themselves. They grow varietals Catiguá, Yellow Bourbon, Red, and Yellow Catuaí. The farm is gorgeous and incredibly well cared for. They together make micro and nano lots; they use African beds for drying the coffee. They store the coffee in its skin which prolongs and increases the quality. On their farm they have Brachiaria (cow food) between coffee trees which promotes organic material for the ground and protects the ground against dryness and erosion, controls nematode (a small insect that lives in the coffee trees roots and eats the fertilizers) also when the planting is new and short it blocks the wind, protecting the small trees. This type of production ensures beans of high quality afterward, which is a priority for Rodrigo and his family.

Cerrado Mineiro region:

Coffee from Cerrado Mineiro has an intense flowering time and uniform ripening as a result of perfect climatic conditions.

Climatic characteristics are generally hot, humid summers and mild to dry winters. Ideal temperature range for the growth of Arabica varieties.

The Cerrado Mineiro region is in the northwest of the State of Minas Gerais. The history of coffee in the Cerrado Mineiro Region dates to a time when producers in traditional coffee regions had to seek new locations outside the area of frost incidence in the past.

Authentic Cerrado Mineiro coffee has intense aromas ranging from caramel to nuts, with delicately citrusy acidity and a long-lasting chocolate flavor.

Topography: High altitude plateau

Altitude: 900 to 1.200 meters

Soil: Latossolo red