Fazenda Morada da Prata

Arnaldo Adams Ribeiro

Alta Mogiana, São Paulo

850 meters meters

Fermented, Natural

L26 Fine Cup, L37 Specialty, L34 Fermented, L45 Fermented, L58 Fermented, L64 Fermented and L63 Specialty

Fazenda Morada da Prata
Fazenda Morada da Prata

Farm story:

In 1936, Plinio Adams acquired Fazenda Morada da Prata and ran it until 1965. In 1968, Adélia (Plínio’s widow) handed over farm management to her daughter Maria Helena.

In the 1970s, Morada da Prata established itself by cultivating coffee, soybeans, and corn.

More recently, in 2010, Arnaldo Adams Ribeiro Pinto, Maria Helena’s son, took over the farm, bringing a new look and focusing on producing specialty coffees, which won awards in quality competitions.

About 150 hectares of the farm, out of a total of 456 hectares, are beautifully preserved native forests where large animals roam freely, and typical Atlantic Forest species are protected from extinction. In rich, clayey soil, predominantly red and red/yellow latosols, 160 hectares of coffee and 45 hectares of sugar cane, as well as pastures and eucalyptus trees, are grown.

Perfect soil combined with best agricultural practices, such as regenerative agriculture and sustainability, results in excellent coffee quality.

Regenerative / Conservative Agriculture

Since 2016, they have improved soil management by constantly reducing the use of chemicals.

They produce organic compost and plant trees and other plants that attract coffee pests’ natural enemies.

Alta Mogiana region:

Alta Mogiana region has been associated with coffee for over 100 years. The increase in the population of immigrants, mainly Italians, was accompanied by an explosion in coffee production. Since then, the region has always been a center of quality coffee. It is in the north of the State of São Paulo. A plateau with mountains ranging in altitude from 800 to 1.100 meters, it is a traditional region for coffee plantations. The average monthly temperature is 21 ºC in summer and 17 ºC in winter. The climatic characteristics are favorable to the slow and uniform ripening of the beans. Fazenda Morada da Prata is located in Batatais, on the edge of a mountain range with a very peculiar microclimate. The local microclimate is quite specific. Low clouds during winter mornings make this mountain edge wetter and cooler. The rainfall pattern is good, with around 1,500 mm/year.​